9A0-086 Exam
Adobe InDesign CS4 Exam

Exam Number/Code : 9A0-086
Exam Name : Adobe InDesign CS4 Exam

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Exam : Adobe 9A0-086
Title : Adobe(r) InDesign(r) CS4 Exam

1. You have selected a table and you want to use Quick Apply to choose a table style.
What should you do so that Quick Apply only displays table styles?
A. press Ctrl+Enter (Windows) or Command+Enter (Mac OS) and then type "t:"
B. press Ctrl+Enter (Windows) or Command+Enter (Mac OS) and then Alt-t (Windows) or Option-t (Mac OS)
C. choose Window > Type & Tables > Table Styles, and then click on the Quick Apply button in the Table Styles panel
D. open the Quick Apply window and Option-click (Mac OS) or Alt-click (Windows) on any table style in the list
Answer: A

2. You want to apply an opaque gradient fill at an angle, from the lower-left corner to the upper-right corner of a square frame.
Which feature do you use to accomplish this?
A. New Gradient Swatch dialog box
B. Gradient panel
C. Effects panel
D. Gradient Feather tool
Answer: B

3. You want to create text along the edge of an oval frame that you've drawn with the Ellipse tool.
What should you do?
A. right+click (Ctrl+click with a one button mouse) the ellipse with the Type on a Path tool and choose Content > Text from the contextual menu
B. click the edge of the ellipse with the Type on a Path tool
C. double-click the edge of the ellipse with the Direct Selection tool
D. Shift+click the edge of the ellipse with the Type tool
Answer: B

4. You have created a new object style. In the Stroke pane of the New Object Style dialog box, you choose a 2-point red stroke. In the Paragraph Styles pane, you choose a paragraph style called "Heading".
What happens when you select a graphic frame with a JPEG image in it and assign this object style?
A. The frame is converted to an empty text frame with a 2-point red stroke and the graphic is deleted.
B. The frame is converted to a text frame with a 2-point red stroke and the graphic is converted to an inline object.
C. The frame is assigned a 2-point red stroke and the graphic remains.
D. The frame remains the same and this object style is not applied.
Answer: C

5. You have a long story threaded across multiple columns on multiple pages. You want to ensure that a column of text does not begin with a single last line of a paragraph (widow), or end with a single first line of a paragraph (orphan).
Which feature lets you control this?
A. Paragraph Rules from the Paragraph panel menu
B. Justification from the Paragraph panel menu
C. Advanced Type pane of the Preferences dialog box
D. Keep Options from the Control panel menu
Answer: D

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