350-018 Exam
CCIE Pre-Qualification Test for Security

Exam Number/Code : 350-018
Exam Name : CCIE Pre-Qualification Test for Security

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Exam : Cisco 350-018
Title : CCIE Security Qualification Exam

1. When initiating a new SSL/TLS session, the client receives the server SSL certificate and validates it. What does the client use the certificate for after validating it?
A. The client and server use the key in the certificate to encrypt all data in the following SSL session.
B. The server creates a separate session key and sends it to the client. The client has to decrypt the session key using the server public key from the certificate.
C. The client creates a separate session key and encrypts it with the server public key from the certificate before sending it to the server.
D. Nothing, the client and server switch to symmetric encryption using IKE to exchange keys.
E. The client generates a random string, encrypts it with the server public key from the certificate, and sends it to the server. Both the client and server derive the session key from the random data sent by the client.
Answer: E

2. Which two of the following statements describe why TACACS+ is more desirable from a security standpoint than RADIUS? (Choose two.)
A. It uses UDP as its transport.
B. It uses TCP as its transport.
C. It encrypts the password field with a unique key between server and requester.
D. Encrypting the whole data payload is optional.
E. Authentication and authorization are combined into a single query for robustness.
Answer: BD

3. Which three of these statements describe how DNSSEC prevents DNS cache poisoning attacks from succeeding? (Choose three.)
A. DNSSEC encrypts all records with domain-specific keys.
B. DNSSEC eliminates caching and forces all answers to be authoritative.
C. DNSSEC introduces KEY records that hold domain-specific public keys.
D. DNSSEC deprecates CNAME records and replaces them with DS records.
E. DNSSEC utilizes DS records to establish a trusted hierarchy of zones.
F. DNSSEC signs all records with domain-specific keys.
Answer: CEF

4. When using Cisco SDM to manage a Cisco IOS device, what configuration statements are necessary to be able to use Cisco SDM?
A. ip http server
B. ip http secure-server
C. ip http server
sdm location X.X.X.X
D. ip http secure-server
sdm location X.X.X.X
E. ip http server
ip http secure-server
Answer: A

5. In regards to private address space, which three of the following statements are true? (Choose three.)
A. Private address space is defined in RFC 1918.
B. These IP addresses are considered private:
C. Private address space is not supposed to be routed over the Internet.
D. is also considered part of private address space, according to the RFC.
E. Using only private address space and NAT to the Internet is not considered as secure as having a stateful firewall.
Answer: ACE

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